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Your golf bag buying guide-How to choose right golf bag

golf bag buying guide

Are you a golf fan and need to know which golf club bag to buy? Know everything you need about the models of bags that you can purchase in the market in my article your golf bag buying guide.

This section you will learn everything you need to know about golf bags. We will show you what types of golf bags there are and the best brands of golf bags on the market.

When we play golf, we need to have equipment that allows us to carry each of our game elements well stored and always safe from the possibility of blows or falls. It is therefore very important to have a bag to transport our golf clubs and the rest of the items that we may need. Getting the golf bag that best suits our needs can be a hard task, but before buying yours we will teach you the three fundamental points that you must take into account: the material of the bag, the space and its system of grip.

In addition, they have to fulfill a double aim :

They must be comfortable to transport, and they have to protect our clubs against movements or falls. Of course, it will also be important that they attract the player to the look of his bag. In the market there are many brands and models, but with this guide you will know all the aspects to take into account to make a superb choice.

What types of golf bags are there?

Pitch & Putt Bag
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There are some special golf courses known as pitch & putt courses. These types of courses are characterized by having in all their holes a distance close to 100 meters where clubs will be needed for short distances.

We can do without long clubs such as woods, with which we will use fewer clubs than in golf traditional. The pitch & putt equipment comprises the following clubs: a Pitching Wedge, a Sand Wedge, a 7 iron, an 8 iron, a 9 iron and a putter.

For this type of golf course and because we will not need too much equipment, we will use a small golf bag of more or less 1kg.

golf buying guide Tripod

Bags Tripod golf bags are the most common to carry on the shoulder, although there are other bags that are also carried on the back and do not carry a tripod, taking away some stability. It is recommended that they be waterproof to withstand humidity and rain. Since we will be carrying this bag throughout the tour, it is important to buy one that is light and whose weight is around 1.5 kg. The Callaway, Longridge and Wilson brands are the top sellers. We highly recommend models that allow the clubs to be organized separately, having more than 10 internal divisions. These divisions prevent shocks between the clubs and protect the most sensitive shafts such as graphite or carbon fiber.

Golf cart bags
golf cart bag

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we design them
Since we design them to be carried in motorized or manual carts, golf cart bags are considerably heavier (about 2 kg), but being larger, they are much more comfortable and versatile to transport all the equipment we need during the tour. Most golf cart bags have full-length dividers and some have up to 14 dividers. In addition, you can get bags with several external pockets, being the most recommended because they facilitate the organization of all your equipment in the bag.

travel bag

bags These are not bags that we can use on the golf course, but they are essential to protect our clubs and our golf bag during a long trip or on the plane. They are usually hard on the outside and padded on the inside, precisely so that the interior is intact throughout the trip.

Tips for buying a golf bag

How do you get around the field?

What do you like to carry in your bag?

Do you use electric carts or buggies:
electric carts

Any of the golf bags will suit you, but since you are not going to carry the golf bag, we recommend that you look for a slightly larger bag with many pockets where you can put all kinds of golf accessories and clothing spares. Weight will not be a problem for you.

You use manual carts:

We recommend golf bags with tripod or cart bags that are not too heavy, since when using a manual cart, weight is already starting to be a determining factor. You can still choose medium-sized bags that give you a good weight / space balance where you can store various golf accessories.

You load your bag:
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You definitely need a bag as light as possible, such as tripod or pitch and putt or par 3 bags. The most important factor that you must define is the number of golf clubs that you usually take to the course. Par 3 bags will only allow you a few clubs and will not be useful on a normal course. When carrying your bag on your back, it is essential that the straps are adjustable and comfortable. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot during your tour.To know more about this bag.

Important features that your golf bag should have

At least 4 club spacers:

a top one for your woods, a bottom one for your wedges and 2 compartments in the middle for long and short irons.
Pockets: you will need several pockets to put golf accessories and other items that we will tell you later. If the bag they offer you does not have pockets, do not buy it.
Stable base adaptable to carts: Look for your golf bag to have a flat base large enough to stand upright and can be installed on a golf cart.

Additional features to consider when choosing the ideal golf bag

Good balance system

System of straps that adjust to the back and facilitate a comfortable transport
Extra light bag
Easy to store and fit in the trunk of the car
Individual dividers for clubs
Exclusive divider for the Putter
Easy access pockets
Top and bottom handles for easy maneuvering
Smooth, hard base for cart mounting
Rain cover
Towel hook
What do I have in my golf bag?
We’ll start with the essential golf accessories that you need to carry in your bag. Surely we are not discovering the black thread, but it never hurts to emphasize reviewing the basics:

Golf balls:

Always carry some new and some used for riskier shots.

Golf tees :

You should always carry in large quantities, because they break easily.
Golf gloves : regardless of your preferences, always carry a synthetic one in the bag in case of rain.

Golf shoes:

The variety is the taste, check right to choose the best golf shoe for you.
The items we list below are not mandatory in your bag, but we recommend that you take them because they do not take up much space and will one day save your life in the field:

Microfiber towel:

It will be especially useful on especially humid mornings or in rainy seasons where our balls and clubs will constantly get wet. Water can make us contact the ball badly and make a mistake.

A few spare gloves and socks:

It is precisely moisture or rain that can ruin your gloves and socks. There’s nothing worse than playing awkward and having wet feet won’t help you make a good hitting card at all.


We must be especially careful with the effects that the sun can have on our skin, since during an outing it will expose us to rays for about 4 hours in a row.

Lip balm:

During a golf round, it is very common to get dehydrated and our lips dry out. This accessory has saved me from bad times on the field many times.

First aid tape:

It is very normal that we get blisters or scratches on our hands or due to the effect of our shoes, especially if we have not played for a while. This tape will save your life and allow you to finish your round without problems.
Chargers or portable batteries: carrying our mobile phone with enough battery is a very important safety measure, for any incident that may occur. Always carry a portable battery charged to save you from unforeseen.

What are the major brands of golf bags?

Keeping the golf bag

Designed for playing outdoors and in changing weather, golf bags require little maintenance. Of course, we must be careful with what we put inside:

But nothing that is wet in the golf bag, make sure you have completely dried any item that may have gotten wet before putting it in your bag.
Be careful what you keep in the bags: I have seen several friends who keep some kind of snack in their bags and they have forgotten to take it out. After a few days, they found a nasty surprise.

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