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Golf Club Bag Comparison: Review

golf club bag

Even the simplest bags have characteristics to keep the clubs well organized and protected. Innovation and design have reinvented the cumbersome golf club bag of the past into sleek, efficient and lightweight models that a golfer can be proud to display on the course.

However, with so many models to choose from, the decision can be difficult. Here we will explain the key factors that you will have to assess at the time of purchase.

Golf Club Bag

They design Golf club bags to transport equipment more comfortably, while protecting the clubs from movement or falls.

There are several models that differ according to the materials used in their manufacture, and the space they offer, or the way we carry them.

The Best Golf Club Bags of 2020

In today’s market, there are many models, which can complicate the purchase decision. I have selected the following products as the best of the moment in each of the different price ranges, so that your budget does not impede your purchase.

The best value for money

Bag with bold colors and stylish graphics, offering the best organization for your golf clubs. They designed each pocket to allow maximum storage with the greatest ease of opening and closing. It is waterproof and lined with velvet.

The best high-end model

High quality faux leather bag designed to work and stay on any push cart. It has eight strategically placed pockets to keep all the equipment well organized and within reach during the tour. Also includes a waterproof lined pocket for valuables.

The best cheap model

Model made with light material so that you can transport it comfortably. Includes a top divider with 14 sections and 9 easy-access pockets. It incorporates an external putter support, an umbrella holder and a tee holder.

Golf club bag comparison

The Best Quality Price The Cheapest 
Club bag - CallawayClub Bag TaylorMadeClub Bag - LongridgeClub bag - Spalding
Multiple pocketsWith 8 pockets9 easy access pockets7 zip pockets
Simple openingDurable constructionTop divider with 14 sections14 dividers with top
Available in different versionsWith 3 full length spacersAvailable in different versionsWith umbrella holder and towel ring
Note: 9.5 / 10Note: 10/10Note: 9/10Note: 10/10
$ 104.43Price not available$61.41Price not available
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Next, we present a comparative analysis that the team has made in table format with the four best bags for golf clubs of the moment and their most important characteristics, to help you in your choice:

Why buy a golf club bag?

If you are an amateur or professional golf player, you will know how important the bag for golf clubs is, since it allows you to transport them comfortably, have them well organized and protected at all times.

To transport the clubs comfortably

To be able to carry well organized and comfortable clubs and other accessories such as the golf range finder, a bag of this type is essential. You can have them ready to play golf after work and take them with you throughout the course or duration of the session.

You already know that the cost of clubs and equipment is often high. For this reason, it is essential that they are well protected at all times, on and off the golf course.

OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Stand Bag

This OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Stand Bag  is one of the best transports bag.

In addition, this very useful accessory provides the security for the rods, so you do not have to carry them in your hand during long trips between holes or through the field.

To protect golf clubs

Golf club bag with clubs Golf bags are the essential item for both professionals and amateurs. They protect golf clubs, accessories and other personal items. In addition, they are an important part of organizing the golf team so that it is always by your side.

Golf Club Bags On Sale Today

If you are looking for a golf club bag, this is your moment. Take advantage of the latest promotions and get it at the best price from the following suggestions:

How to choose a bag for golf clubs?

Currently on the market we can find a wide variety of brands and models that differ above all by design, but it is also important to take into account the material with which they made it, the size and the compartments, among other aspects.

The size

Bag of golf clubs Larger golf bags have more space to store clubs and other accessories. However, keep in mind that you will also have to deal with it being bulkier, especially after you’ve added your sticks.

golf club bag review

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The difference between a large and a small bag may be greater depending on the brand. It is possible that with a small bag we have the same capacity as a larger bag. Ideally, avoid those models that are too bulky and unnecessary.

The capacity

various bags of golf clubs Golf bags today have pockets for specific uses. Besides the different compartments so that the clubs do not rub against each other, you will often find an insulated and lined pocket that protects valuables such as keys or the mobile phone. Elongated pockets that can store clothes are also common.

Other features that you can consider when choosing are the umbrella holder, the towel rail, the glove accessory or the hood to protect the clubs from the rain. These are the little extra details that make your life easier during the game.


When transporting the bag, it is best to choose those that are lighter. In this way, it will be easier for you to carry the clubs because the final weight will be much lower. It is not much, but after a while to wear it, it shows. In addition, these types of bags are usually less bulky, so you can store them more easily when you are not using them.


Golf club bag with wheels In the market you will find unique designs that have strengthened, since before they were only used to store the clubs, and today they have several compartments. These allow the rods not to rub and are well ordered.

In addition, they also vary according to their mode of transport, with handles that can be carried on the shoulder for greater ease of movement. Others incorporate a tripod that works as a support base so that it stays upright on the ground when you pose it to swing.

The different bag for clubs

At the time of purchase you will have to decide between two primary models:

Model with wheels

Golf club bag with wheels Models with wheel drive have more storage space and are easier to transport.

It is one of the favorite bags of professional golfers and sports fans.

This is because it can be pushed, pulled, or used like a manual golf cart, without having to purchase a separate golf cart.

Model without wheels

I carry Golf club bag without wheelsBags without wheels over the shoulder. Some incorporate a stand and have retractable legs that balance the bag so you can stand up.

The design of these bags is simpler than that of trolley bags, since all pockets must be easily accessible.

They also come with other features to make them more comfortable during short and long distance transport.

Best Selling Golf Club Bag

The following table shows a selection of the best-selling models of the year on the market:

How much does a golf club bag cost?

Golf club bag with clubs As you may already know, most golf accessories are expensive. The price of these bags may vary depending on the type, brand, materials used or their size.

It is possible to find models from 30 euros to others of over 300 euros, which are more sophisticated and of better quality. For example, the LONGRIDGE Weekend with trestle is around 40 euros, and the Masters Golf – SL650 Supalite standby costs around e38 euros. If your budget is higher, you can opt for other models such as the Callaway 2018 Hyper Lite for about 150 euros, or the TaylorMade Flextech Lite also for, more or less, the same price.

Where to buy a golf club bag?

I can find This golf accessory in some sports stores or department stores with this department. However, we consider that there are other options that are better, such as online stores such as Amazon, where there is a great variety of models and affordable prices.

How to organize a golf club bag?

Bag of golf clubs from above with clubs Because the pace of play is so important, it is convenient to organize the golf club bag well to facilitate its quick retrieval, both of the clubs and all the accessories used on the course.

Golf Pens with Golf Bag

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There are two types of golf club bags: handbags (carried on foot) and trolley bags (carried in the golf cart when driving). To pick up this bag, you go there.

These factors influence the organization of a carry bag. A carry bag has a front part, where the handle is located, and a rear part. When placed on a cart, they place the front end in front of us.

Organize club

It is best to organize the clubs by type and number. It divides most trolley bags into four sections: single at the back, double at the center, and single at the front. Place the tallest clubs in the back and the lowest in the front so that all clubs are easy to see.
Store the woods and long irons (1-3) in the back compartment, the medium irons (4-6) in the center-left section, and the short irons (7-9) in the center-right section.

wedges and putter

In the front section, store the wedges and putter.
It equips Some trolley bags with 15 individual sections for 14 clubs and a ball retriever. If this is your bag design, start at the back with the longest stick and place the rest in the remaining compartments in descending order.
If you have an umbrella, put it in the pocket on the side.
Use the top and front side pockets to store frequently used items. Use the least accessible pockets to store items of occasional use.

How to clean a golf club bag?

A professional golfer knows the importance of proper golf bag maintenance. Not taking proper care of it can cause the clubs to wear out sooner. Here are some simple tips for cleaning the bag:

Remove the entire contents of the bag. Then, depending on the material, sprinkle a little water all over the bag.
Mix a little mild detergent with warm water and use a clean cloth to clean the bag.
Rub gently, otherwise you may damage the embroidery on the bag.
Afterwards, you can use a hose to rinse the bag well with water.
If there are any stubborn stains, try using a stain remover and let it sit for a minute. Then use a soft cloth to rub and try to remove the stain.
Once the bag is clean, let it dry overnight or in a shady area. Don’t let the bag dry out in the sun, as it can cause its color to fade.

Having golf clubs out in the open during the game can cause their deterioration, therefore, having a bag of these characteristics will extend the useful life of your equipment.


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