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Top 3 Reasons Your Game Will Improve By Organizing Your Golf Clubs Well in golf club bag


Golf is a sport of concentration and precision, in which every stroke is vital. Frequently the club we need is not at hand.These insignificant moments of searching can distract us and cause us to miss the shot. Golf club bag always stays with you in this reason.

In this article we are going to show you why it is important to arrange golf clubs and what is the best way to do it and we do not damage them.

The 3 reasons are golf club bag:

You can quickly and easily access them.

Why should I organize my golf clubs?

There are a lot of players who don’t know that organizing their bag of golf clubs correctly will help them improve their game. We are here to give you 3 reasons. It is important to order your golf clubs before playing and convince you to adopt this pleasant habit in your game routine.

Keeping your golf bag tidy offers you several advantages with playing. These are the 3 reasons you should always have your clubs well placed:

Order and accessibility:

You need to always have the clubs in the same order and in a way that they can all be seen, so it does not take over 3 seconds to grab the club.

You need from the moment and use it. If it takes over 3 seconds, it means that they are not well placed. In addition, being able to see them all at a single glance will allow you to decide faster.So I will not distract you looking for or thinking about the club you need.

Avoid blows or damage:

If it does not order your golf equipment taking into account the size of each of the clubs, it can damage them when they collide with each other when you are transporting the bag.

Balance and comfort when transporting:

The habit of ordering the clubs is not only important for accessibility or to keep your clubs in good condition, but if you are one of those who carry your bag on your back during the tour, you will notice a great improvement in terms of comfort and balance of the bag. Try it and it will surprise you!

Golf Club Bag

  1. How should I organize my clubs in the golf bag? The first thing you should do is to see which is the arrangement of compartments in the bag you have or want to buy. There are many types. In the image, we have put a bag with 10 compartments. But you can find bags with 2, 3, 4 or up to 14 spaces, one per stick up to the maximum allowed of 14.

Let’s start with the shorter clubs, the wedges. These sticks would go in the bag’s front, in the compartments closest to us. So they are accessible. I do this because these are the shortest clubs in our golf club set and we use them frequently.

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

Comfort and balance

I arrange irons in the central area. For greater comfort and balance, I recommend it to be distributed in a descending way, from left to right. In this way, the 2, 3 and 4 irons would be placed on the left, 5 and 6 in the center and 7, 8 and 9 on the right.

As we saw on the golf club page, woods and hybrids are the longest clubs in our bag. For this reason I put them to the back, in the part closest to the transport strap and stand out above the rest. These clubs are especially sensitive to shocks and that is why we always carry them with a protective cover.

Finally recommendation

The putter is usually put with the woods or even in some bags there is a specific compartment for this club, which is also quite delicate. The recommendation is that it be as accessible as possible, since it is the most used stick.



When your golf bag is organized, it will be much easier to find the club you need at all times, they will stay in excellent condition for longer and transporting your equipment will be much more comfortable.

We understand that in the beginning, as with any habit, it will be difficult for you to maintain order, especially when you take out and put clubs during a tour. Try to leave the sticks in the same place where you took it out and little by little you see that you will do this automatically.

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