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How To Learn to calculate your Golf handicap like a pro

How to calculate golf handicap-Overview:

Surely you have heard the famous question “What handicap are you?” This is one of the most important concepts in golf. You must know it perfectly about how to calculate golf handicap.

In this article, we will see from the most basic aspects of the handicap. How you can calculate your handicap.Then we will give you tips to lower it.

How to calculate golf handicap-Course rating

Course rating is always a numerical description. Usually between 67 and 77, of how difficult a course is for a 0 or scratch handicap player.

What this number shows is the average number of strokes a scratch player makes in a good round.

The total distance of the holes determined the course rating and the difficulty of obvious obstacles like sand and water.

When a 10 handicapper describes the course as a tough test, he is referring to a course scoring 72/higher.

On this course, a player with a 10 handicap will hit an average of 82 to 88 strokes.

Handicap for the hole

Handicap for the hole

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All holes on a course have a whole handicap. In short, what you do is order the holes by difficulty, giving them a value between 1 and 18. The lower the number, the greater the difficulty, handicap 1 would be the most complicated hole in the course. And the handicap 18 would be the easiest. This committee of each golf club establishes this index, following the rules established by the association of that country.

How to calculate golf handicap-The Slope

Slope is an analysis of the relative difficulty of a course for a beginning player. He compares to a scratch or 0 handicap player.

Instead of emphasizing the length of the course or the obvious obstacles, rather the slope focuses on factors. That affect the beginning player more prominently than a professional player.

While considering these elements as unproblematic, they can be a big problem for someone just starting out in golf.

How to calculate golf handicap-scorecards

Beginning players’ scorecards rise exponentially when playing courses with a high slope. Therefore, they need to see their handicap adjusted upward. A 0 handicap professional on a tough course may not need a handicap change, a 10 handicap player may need a couple of extra strokes or more to be competitive.

Let’s see how the advantage shots are awarded depending on the slope in the next point.

The field handicap

The field handicap

The course handicap is the number of advantage strokes. With which the golfer plays weekend games or a formal competition on a certain course. Sometimes, this number is obtained by comparing your index handicap against a table. That is usually displayed on a wall in the field. So you are playing on or we can calculate it with the following formula using the slope of the field:
Field Handicap for Player = (Player Index Handicap x Field Slope) / 113, and
For example, let’s say we are an 18.5 handicap player, and the course has a slope of 121. Using the formula above:
Field Handicap = (18.5 x 121) / 113
Field handicap for the player = 19.81 = 20 strokes

Since we round it up, this player would have a field handicap of 20 strokes for this round. Suppose you finish the round with 100 strokes. Thanks to his 20 handicap, he would have a net total score of:
Score = Total Strokes – Field Handicap for the player
Score = 100 – 20 = 80 hits

Important considerations

The basic premise of the USGA handicap system is- that each player will take attempt to achieve their best score on each hole “round” of any course they play. And will turn in all of their acceptable scorecards, for processing. This code of ethics is important to play. If 13 or more holes avoid intentionally changing the handicap and to gain a certain advantage in future tournaments.

golf course

What happens if I don’t finish the entire course or don’t finish a hole?

The USGA stipulates that golfers must record their scores as long as they play at least 7 holes. It plays if between 7 and 12 holes, that result is saved as a 9-hole round. I play 13 or more holes, I should record the result as if it were an 18-hole round. I have completed only 13 of the 18 holes, you can still save the result as an 18-hole c.

golfer playing golf

What happens if I do a very high number dung a round?

Like all golfers, you surely know the feeling of having been playing several holes well.

Inexplicably, we hit two balls off the course on a par 5 and ended up scoring 10 shots.

For handicap, they can not accept double-digit results.Because that would show a performance on an 18-hole course. That was not even close to reality. A couple of bad shots has produced it on a single hole. And it does not show the average of the game for the route.

To avoid these problems, the “fair Stroke Control” (ESC) was born. I assign each golfer a maximum number of strokes per hole, for handicap.

If a player with a 10 handicap hits 9 strokes on a hole, he will write those 9 strokes on his card.But for handicap only 7 strokes will be counted, as can be seen in the attached table. It is important to mention that in tournaments the ESC is not used and the strokes that have .

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