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How to choose golf shoes?

golf shoes

Golf Shoes-Overview

Golf shoes are the part of the golf equipment that we must choose with the greatest care. Since not in vain an 18-hole golf round lasts about 4-5 hours , you walk about 9-10 kilometer.

There is no use having a golf bag with spectacular irons and woods, having high-quality golf balls or the latest technical clothing. If our feet are not comfortable, we cannot enjoy the game.

We are going to review the aspects that we must take it into account when choosing golf shoes. We are starting with the most important decision: interchangeable cleats or shoes without cleats.

After being clear about the appearance, other aspects such as waterproofing, hardness of the sole, construction materials, grip. We have defined golf shoe for you.

1.- Golf shoes according to the sole

The major factor to classify a golf shoe is its sole. At the moment there are two types of golf shoes: those with rubber studs, those with metal studs or studs and without studs (with spikes or spineless).

golf shoe sole

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Metal studs or nails:

They were another possibility, but I have only seen one person who had them.

And they are currently in disuse and prohibited on many golf courses for damaging the grass a lot. They are leaving many marks (but offer more grip).

Rubber studs:

Until a few years ago they were the most popular, as they are lighter than metal studs. They offer exceptional grip and are the most recommended for winter to avoid slipping on slippery terrain. But they need proper maintenance (replacement of periodic blocks).

Without studs (with spikes or spikeless):

For me the most comfortable and, although many think that they do not have a good grip, they have a good grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

We can use them both off and on the field as they do not differ most times from sport shoes. They are very light and discreet (almost always).

2.- Construction materials

The ideal is to have leather golf shoes with some quality waterproof treatment such as Gore-tex (or similar membranes) for the winter months.

Where there is a high level of humidity in the grass there is nothing worse than having cold or wet feet during play.

And a second pair of leather shoes that offer good perspiration for the rest of the year, as you can find wet or watered areas.

I am not in favor of “synthetic leather” shoes because they overheat the foot excessively.

And do not favor proper perspiration, nor do they favor fabric shoes because the humidity of the grass can wet them.

Although they are the ones that perspire the best, they always recommend for summer.
Regarding the sole that is not very rigid, firm but flexible for greater comfort.

3.- The grip

It is another aspect of vital importance and to which due attention is not always paid. Having golf shoes with a correct grip (depending on the conditions of the course) is the factor that marks the stability. So we have when making the swing.

With soaked terrain, golf shoes with studs are better and for the rest always Spikeless.

Besides, the latest generation of shoes without studs offer extraordinary grip in any weather and terrain conditions.

4.- Are golf shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable and each new generation of shoes makes them more comfortable.

In fact, I have two golf shoes that I usually wear to work at the office, ECCO Street Premiere and Ashworth Cardiff ADC Spikeless.

Since they already have the studs a little worn to play golf, but they are fully functional to wear with clothes street.

It would never occur to me to wear interchangeable cleats to work.But with no cleats, no one notice you are wearing golf shoes and they are extremely comfortable.

Comfort is subjective and each one of us has a different foot, with toes of greater or lesser length, different curvature or greater insteps.

Therefore, there is no ideal shoe for all players, but surely taking into account the advice shown you will find the ideal shoe for you.

5.- Conclusions and my current shoes

Golf shoes should be comfortable, have a good grip and waterproof, as far as possible and on budget.

If you forget some of these three aspects, you may find yourself with instability. When swinging, tired or sore feet, or wet feet midway through the course.

Currently, I use footage Pro SL , both for winter and summer as they are spikeless but not for use.

Since they have multi-studs with a larger diameter than conventional ones to offer an optimal grip, waterproof treatment.And they are very comfortable for me.

Before them, the ones I have had most recently have been ECCO Street Premiere, Ashworth Cardiff ADC Spikeless and Adidas Pure TRX WD Wide Fit Spiked.

The latter have been the last ones I have used with interchangeable cleats and I doubt I will use shoes again. with tacos.

Since a few years ago, I tried and bought an Ashworth Cardiff ADC Spikeless in Canada; I am a staunch advocate of spikeless shoes.

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