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How to choose the ideal putter?

How to choose the ideal putter?


The putter is the club that is used the most. And, most times, the one that is less important when buying a set of clubs. Almost all of us go crazy with drivers, woods and hybrids and we are very used to hearing.”The drive gives you glory, and the putter the victory.”You can know how to choose the ideal putter from my article.

So why does that happen?

Simple… being human is very rare and if you did not know it is time, you realized it. We eat unhealthy food even knowing that it is bad for our health. And we smoke knowing it is not convenient.

We lose our life loving the woman or man that does not suit us. So we do not do sports despite how beneficial it is. Surely Now You See It clearer. We are strange by nature.

Without further ado, let’s be more rational. We are going to see the keys. Choosing a putter that allows you to lower your game card a few strokes. The best advice is to always test the putter before buying it, as the most expensive. It does not have to be the best for your level / swing.

Putter importance

We must give great importance to the choice of putter. It is the most decisive club in our bag with getting a good card. As an example, in an 18-hole game I use the driver 12 and 14 times. I will use the putter about 30 times on average if you are an amateur like me.

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1.- What to take into account when choosing the putter?

The visual aspect of the putter can make it that seem more or less attractive. But perhaps the one that seems so beautiful to you. It is not for you and instead of helping you improve your game. So it can make it worse.
For this reason, always test the following aspects chooses the putter. I already did the same to show how to choose golf shoes and how to choose golf balls.

2.- The rod

Determining factor to achieve correct placement. The standard for temples is 35 inches for men and 33-34 inches for women. It is said that if we measure over 1.80 meters, 1 more inch has to be added. And if we are below 1.70 meters.


So, we should opt for an inch less. But only a good fitting will tell you the size that best fits you.

What is a physical reality is that with the longer shaft? It is necessary to swing less to make a greater distance, while with a shorter shaft.

We get more control over the impact?

It can be placed centrally or on the heel of the head. A centered shaft putter defines the line of impact better.

And offers greater control on quick strokes (recommended for those with a tendency to leave their hands behind). While the one with the rod in the heel, allows the face to be more square if we have a tendency to advance the hands and is permissive for longer strokes.

3.- Weight

The standard weight of the putter head is 360 grams (for 35 inches of shaft). The shorter the shaft it is advisable to opt for a greater weight. As an example: 32-inch rod (380 grams) and 33-inch rod (370 grams). As I mentioned before, a good fitting is vital to see that it suits us.

4.- The grip

Since it is the only part of the club with which we have contact when making a putt.

Besides, it has to be comfortable for us. So each manufacturer gives it a different size, shape and touch (which influences its grip and comfort).

All grips are very similar in putting, but there is one especially striking and different type: Super stroke. These grips are much larger and thicker than the rest. And the same thickness at all points, so we do not break our wrists during the hit. And that it executes a more solid blow, in theory (improve the impact putter sweet spot).

5.- Balance or weight balance

Depending on the balance or the way it distributes the weight on the putter head. There are mainly two types of head: Face balanced and Toe weighted. This is undoubtedly another of the primary factors to take into account when choosing a putter.

5.1.- Face balanced.

Also called neutrals, they are those putters that have the weight distributed. Evenly throughout the head of the putter are the option for those who make the pendulum movement correctly when hitting.

5.2.- Toe weighted

They have most weight shifted towards the heel. They are the option for those who make the pendular movement in the shape of an arc. Or with a slight curve, as they help to make the face square at the moment of impact. They miss on the right side of the hole.

6.- The design of the head

The shape of the putter head serves to differentiate between three types of putter: blade, hell-toe and mallet.

6.1.- Blade or classic putters.

Also known as shovels, they are the most classic and are on the way to extinction. Since they offer almost no forgiveness against blows, they are not applied right on their sweet spot. Used by those who hit from the inside to inside, they open the face on the rise. Face it on impact and close it on the follow-through.

6.2.- Heel-toe or toe-heel putters

Very similar to the Blade in terms of size, they distributed at the ends (toe and heel)and expand. The sweet spot of impact, they are the most popular. As a curious fact, the first of this type was the 1959 PING 1-A created by Karsten Solheim.

6.3.- Puter Mallet or mallet.

They have a more elongated and rounded head than the rest. At the beginning of the 20th century, the R&A considered that they made the game much easier. Ideal for players who move the putter in a straight line both on the rise and fall. They improve the inertia on the descent and give a greater sweet spot because of placing its rod.

7.- The “broom” putter

This is a somewhat special putter type that has a much longer shaft. So the dynamics of the movement is very different.

The player holds it with one hand against his chest. And the other performs the striking movement which makes the wrists lose prominence.

It’s using to prohibit. But not because of the size but because they cannot anchor the putt to any part of the body. The Royal and Ancient (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), banned it from 2016. The new rule 14-1 B. The PGA and the Race to Dubai also approved which, prohibits the putter touches any part of the player’s body. That prevents the natural swing of the club on the way to the ball.

8.- How to choose the right putter?

In golf, everything is sensation. And in most cases you have to be able to try different putters and configurations to make the right decision. Let yourself be advised by a professional but your feelings must be above anything else.

You already have the different keys. And you identify with some recommendations given, you already have an advanced path to choose your ideal putter. For me it is the most personal suit of all those.

You carry in the bag and the one that can make you lower the number of strokes you deliver on your cards several strokes.

do not neglect your choice or buy the first one you see because it is on sale.

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