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Hybrid, iron, or wood?

hybrid iron or wood?

Hybrid iron or wood? -Overview

Hybrid or simple hybrid clubs have long become an element widely used by amateur players (and by professionals sometimes). Hybrid, iron, or wood? Regardless of the player’s level, hybrids are very simple to play.

Because their physical characteristics favor them to offer greater tolerance to “imperfect affects”.
So they offer the player the possibility of achieving long distances (for example, a hybrid -4 offers us the same distance as a 4-iron) but with less effort.

Hybrid, iron or wood? Offers.

For the woods, the hybrids have a shorter shank. They have many facilitates their handling. And it makes them an excellent option for amateurs who want to get long distances comfortably. With long irons, a hybrid offers easier handling by having an enormous face.

But by making use of a hybrid, our game wins in certain aspects. But they also penalize it. For this reason, I am going to try showing the multiple advantages of its use.

And the disadvantages that the use of hybrid entails. The ideal or more common thing, if we want to make room for hybrids in our bag. So they are to start by replacing 3-iron and 5-wood.

In choosing the use of a hybrid, wood, or long iron, a factor to take into account is the distance that each club can offer. You can find out this approximate distance in the following article: the distance with each golf club.

To know more about distance to each golf club

1.- Long irons and golf woods

Before going into the matter with hybrids, it is convenient to review the other golf clubs they replace since I have designed them for this. On the one hand, the irons (long irons) and the woods.

1.1.- Irons.

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They are the clubs that are most used in any round of golf and offer different angles offering a greater or lesser distance (depending on the elevation they give the ball). Their numbering goes from 1 to 9 (in the so-called irons long).
And the primary use of it is to make approach shots. They offer great precision in the trajectory but do not allow a distance as high as that got with the use of woods and hybrids.
There are wedges, which are irons with a much more specific use and designed for very short approach shots and to get out of obstacles (as with bunkers). Wedges are also often referred to as short irons.

1.2.- Woods

With the woods, the greatest of distances achieved and, despite being called woods, nowadays they are no longer made with wood, the usual thing is that it make them of metal alloys (steel, titanium, etc.)
The drivers are wood 1, together to it, there are many fairway woods, as of wood, 3 and 5, which are the most common together with the driver (wood 1), but you can also find woods 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

2.- Advantages of using a hybrid

Let’s start with the benefits of using hybrid golf clubs, which are not few. It is a club I resort to on multiple occasions during the game, as it reports shots with a very successful line and long distances without having to resort to long irons (they are my major asset to get out of a fairway bunker):

The size of its head is greater than that of an iron with the same performance.

It is easier to achieve an impact correctly (it offers a great sweet spot surface). And the trajectory got will be higher than that offered by the use of a long iron.

Hybrid weight

The greater weight of the head means that the shaft of the hybrid can be shorter, compared to that of a wood. Which makes it easier to hit correctly. It is useful for playing golf with the headwind.
Compared to the use of wood, the turn of the golf ball achieves a higher trajectory, which makes the ball roll less when landing on the green as its descent path is more vertical.
It is more permissive in the face of a possible hitting failure since if we hit behind the ball. The hybrid will pass until we hit the ball (something that would not happen with a long iron).
Since they have a very flat face, this allows us to draw and fade effects with ease.

Hybrid handicap

All these characteristics mean we associate the use of hybrids with players with a high-medium handicap, as they get more out of them because of the logical deficiencies in their game, or otherwise they would have a lower handicap.

Although low handicap players also use them. So tis a lesser extent because of specific situations in the game. They are valuable to help.

3.- Disadvantages of using a hybrid

But the use of a hybrid also has disadvantages, it could not be otherwise, or all the professional bags would have half a dozen of them:

The major disadvantage is that it is not possible to achieve the same precision that gets with the better use of an iron.
Players with medium-high and high handicappers ignore it is not a wood (despite having ahead of more volume than iron) and execute the stroke as if they were using a wood, which takes them to generate filazos and topazes.
When the green is high, or you have to give the ball spin to slow it down. I do not recommend it since the ball’s flight is very flat and does not allow the ball to generate a backspin effect.

4.- Equivalences of hybrids

In this table, you can see at a glance which clubs are equivalent (they would replace the use of each of the hybrids) depending on the loft offered by the different kinds of hybrids:

Hybrid 1 1 HOUR 14-16 Wood 4 and Iron 1
Hybrid 2 2H 17-19 Wood 5 and Iron 2
Hybrid 3 3H 20-22 Wood 6 and Iron 3
Hybrid 4 4H 23-25 Wood 7 and Iron 4
Hybrid 5 5H 26-28 Wood 8 and Iron 5
Hybrid 6 6H 29-31 Wood 9 and Iron 6
Hybrid 7 7H 32-34 Wood 10 and Iron 7

5.- How to play with a hybrid

I am right-handed, so if you are left-handed, it must adapt these recommendations, concerning the weight that is distributed on the different legs mainly. Having said, let’s start for a correct hit with a hybrid club. Keep in mind the following premises:

The stance with which you face the blow must be the same that you would use if you were using a long iron in that same blow.
Get closer to the ball (as far as possible).
And with this, you generate the rod is more vertical, you will achieve a better impact.

Final Words

I highly recommended transferring the weight to the left foot during the descent (downswing) so that the right foot can be raised comfortably on the toes at the moment that it is in the impact zone of the ball.
Two very common mistakes when using a hybrid are keeping the weight on the right foot during the descent and bending the wrists, which leads us to get filazos.


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