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Parts of the swing in golf

swing in golf

The golf swing is the movement that we make to hit the ball, and in which our body intervenes, the club selected for the hit and the ball itself. It is a fluid and natural movement, which is the basis on which to build our game. Without a good golf swing, it is not possible to achieve excellent results in the game or improve our handicap.

The golf swing comprises several parts: starting from the stance (or initial placement regarding the ball).

It makes the back swing (the rise of the club). Then it is the turn of the downswing (the lowering of the club until contacting the ball) and finally the follow-through / finish (the movement to complete the turn after we have hit the golf ball ).

1.- The stance

The stance is the position that we adopt at the moment in which we can hit the ball. Basically, it is keeping your back straight, your legs slightly bent, your feet the same distance as the distance between your shoulders and having the golf ball in front of you.

2.- The backswing

After having a good stance to hit, it is time to raise the club back and up. To do it correctly, avoid that your muscles.

And especially your hands are tense, you do not have to grip the stick with extreme force as that tension will be transmitted to the rest of the body.

This movement has a more vertical.Then it is beginning when raising the arms (breaking the wrists) and more horizontal with the rotation of the body on its own axis.

After finishing the climb and without having moved the position of the head (which must remain fixed looking at the ball) the downswing begins.


3.- The downswing

It is nothing more than the descent of the stick down and forward, from the moment it reaches its highest position.


The trajectory of the club follows the path. That is marked by the backswing to contact the ball sitting on the ground (reverse movement to the backswing).

To do this, they will lower the arms, the body rotates inversely to the trajectory created previously.

And the wrists unravel to get back to the initial position (stance), but with a gained inertia for the impact on the ball.

4.- The follow-through

The follow-through or forward-swing is the continuation of the downswing and begins

Once the club goes down and hits the ball. At that moment, the arms continue the forward movement of the clubhead.

And the follow-through is considered complete. Once the hands reach the height of the head and it aligns the body with the target.

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